Seven's Online Exchange & Return Policy!

We care for our customers, and that is why we are offering the most efficient and easy to rely on exchange & return policy. Though we have a Try & Buy policy in place, if you want to replace or return the product for any reason, We offer 7 working days return and exchange policy. SEVEN's believe in customer satisfaction, and exceeding them is our priority. Here is what you need to know before any returns or exchanges:

  • Please note that No return or exchange policy is applicable on sale and discount items.
  • You may exchange the size of the delivered item within 7 working days of the purchase, provided the goods are unused, the condition of the items is not altered, and are packed in their original packing.
  • Items will only be replaced or exchanged if they come damaged or you have a size issue.
  • You will not be charged any extra amount if there is a company's mistake. All you need to do is hold the parcel until you get your replaced item.
  • If you have a size issue and want to replace the item, you will only have to pay the delivery charges again and get your new parcel by returning the one you hold.

Please get in touch with our customer care via the WhatsApp number and email mentioned below for any returns or exchanges.

You may reach us via the Contact Us form on the Website or



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