5 Secrets to Walking Confidently in High Heels for Beginners

5 Secrets to Walking Confidently in High Heels for Beginners

Marilyn Monroe rightly said that “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world,” and we are pretty sure that she was talking about heels. There is no denying that heels are the perfect addition to your shoe closet and can amp up any outfit. But if you cannot walk in them? As much as walking in heels looks chic and classy, slaying them gracefully comes at a cost. Therefore, if you were wondering how to learn to walk in them, we have covered you. In this article below, you will find simple tips to help you walk in heels confidently. If you are interested, be sure to give this article a read.

1.      Pick Your Heels Wisely

They say, wear high highs, but do it wisely! You will find different heel sizes in the market, starting from under 1 inch to up to 8 inches and even 18 ½ inches in some cases. Woah, that is HIGH heel. Experts suggest starting with 2-3 inch heels for beginners when you have no experience wearing them. Once you are used to wearing them, you can move up an inch to up to 4 inches. No, do not even think about 6 inches heel even at this point. Work your way up and allow your feet to adjust with the heel height. If you are looking for a high-quality and comfortable pair of 4 inches high heels, we have a couple of colors for you to choose from.

2.      Walk Heel to Toe  


Walking heel to toe is probably the best trick to follow when you are new to the world of heels. You do not want to put your whole foot down as if you are wearing flats and never walk toe to heel as it will only make you look like an amateur. Instead, what you need to do is to put your heel down first and shift your body weight slowly to your toes. It will not only allow you to walk gracefully but will look more natural when wearing and walking in heels. Ladies, you only require a few practices with this trick, and you will slay like no other.

3.      Take Baby Steps

Now that you know how to place your foot on the ground, you also need to know how to walk following the heel-to-toe trick. So, what do you need to do? Well, take small steps in the beginning. It often looks awkward when you try to walk quickly, and we do not want that. Therefore, it is recommended to take your time starting by taking smaller steps, even if you have to increase the number of steps to cover the same distance.

4.      Lean Back just a Little

The urge to wear heels and walk faster than they allow is natural, but we do not want to crane our neck, right? Therefore, to avoid craning your neck, lean back slightly when walking in heels, as this will counterbalance your inclination to lean forward. Practice this daily to make sure you are not walking fast.

5.      Start from the Thicker Heel

Typically, the thinner the heel, the harder it will be to walk in it. Therefore, when you are still figuring out how to walk in heels, try to start with a thicker heel so you can easily balance on them. Moreover, choosing a sturdier heel will give your foot more stability, and you can walk with confidence gracefully.

Final Thoughts

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